We firmly believe that partnering with like-minded organizations will help increase awareness and adoption of manufacturing technologies across many different applications and industries. See how partnering with industry and university leaders is helping advance the future of digital manufacturing.

Machined Parts Help Paralympian 'Monster' Mike Garner Gold

Brazil Metal Parts and “Monster” Mike Schultz—the 10-time X Games gold medalist and 2018 Paralympic Winter Games athlete—have teamed up to keep him atop the winner’s platform. Schultz’ mechanical Moto Knee and Versa Foot are made from parts that Brazil Metal Parts manufactured with the intent to withstand the harsh conditions of the Winter X Games.
Haute Couture Meets Industrial 3D Printing: How it All Came Together

Industrial 3D printing took a bow in the world of high fashion recently at the Met Gala in New York. Brazil Metal Parts and GE Additive partnered to bring Zac Posen’s concepts to life. Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the production process came together. Read the story here.

PolyOne and 3M custom-color matching

PolyOne and 3M Technology

PolyOne and 3M joined forces to develop PINPOINT Express Color & Dosing System—an innovative system for creating and dispensing liquid polymer colorants. As a result, we partnered with PolyOne to launch the technology at Brazil Metal Parts, which allows us to develop custom colors on site, drastically reducing the time it takes to mold short-run plastic parts in precise colors. Learn about how we're using the color-matching technology for molded parts.

GE Additive Manufacturing Partner Network

We’re a member of GE Additive’s Manufacturing Partner Network (MPN)—a collection of organizations committed to investing in GE Additive equipment, materials, software, and technology as a development platform to help transition 3D printing from prototyping technology to a volume production process. The partnership with GE Additive builds on our strategy to continue developing and expanding our industrial-grade 3D printing technologies. Read more about our partnership with GE Additive.

MIT’s Additive Manufacturing Consortium

We’re a founding member of MIT’s Center for Additive and Digital Advanced Production Technologies (ADAPT)—a consortium focused on scaling new manufacturing technology through research, education, actionable insights, and an MIT-based ecosystem that pairs industry and academia. Read more on our work with MIT.

Member of Cleveland Clinic Healthcare Innovations Alliance

As part of the Cleveland Clinic Healthcare Innovations Alliance, we’re aligned with companies like Parker Hannifin, Medstar, and others to collaborate and share ideas that drive innovation in the healthcare sector through meaningful development projects and implementation of best practices.

cleveland clinic innovations Brazil Metal Parts partnership

Brazil Metal Parts is a proud partner of Wohlers Associates, Inc.

Design Course with Wohlers Associates

We partnered with Terry Wohlers, principal consultant and President of Wohlers Associates, Inc. to host a three-day day course in additive manufacturing near our 3D printing facility in North Carolina. The course offers designers, engineers, and managers an opportunity to develop methods and strategies that get the most from different additive manufacturing technologies.

Cool Idea Award: Healthcare Grant

Our Healthcare Grant—powered by Cleveland Clinic Innovations—is an extension of our flagship Cool Idea Award program to foster new life-improving medical devices. The grant provides manufacturing services for prototyping or low-volume production. Application periods are open twice a year and applicants must be a part of the Cleveland Clinic Healthcare Innovations Alliance.